About Us

BioPlasmic Modulation Therapy

About the founder

BPM Therapy is a concept developed by Dr.A.S Hareesh, inspiration fountainhead, founder and director of ‘An Illuminator‘ – a knowledge hub, providing advanced consultation support in various fields mainly related with Heritage Indian sciences and its modern form of implementations.

Dr.A.S Hareesh

What is BPM Therapy?

It is a system of therapy that produces changes in the human body through modulation of the BioPlasmic life force. BioPlasmic life force is the english equivalent of the sanskrit word ‘ojas’. The development of BPMT is based on a yogic concept about ojas and it’s stimulation in the body. Gross(Tamoguna) form ofojas in our body is the power of reproduction and sexual energy.In this system of medicine, various methods and mediums are used to modulate this BioPlasmic life force including:



(Science of subtle elementary control without external support)


Bhedankarma (Precursor of what is known as ‘acupuncture’ in todays world)


(Science of pressure/reflex points)

Music empowerment and Sound Energy Management

based on vedic principles

Ravana’s Arkadeepti

Basement of reiki, pranic healing etc.

Movement therapy

based on Nãtyayoga and classical dance forms

Delta Refreshment Therapy

Delta Refreshment Therapy is a procedure under the Practical Psychology of BPM Therapy (Bio-Plasmic Modulation Therapy). It is a 100% non-invasive method without any anti-stress neuropharmacological mechanisms. 


  • Better relaxation, anxiety control, better sleep support, concentration improvement, better emotional control, better inter personal and intra personal communication skill, better social and professional life. 

  • Indirectly the reduced destress can help you to keep a perfect and healthy life without many major health issues.

  • In therapeutic conditions, the relaxation is important for cardiac patients, diabetic patients, IVF clients and many of the memory related issue patients.

Our Vision

To reclaim the lost science from traditional knowledge. From historical times, India has been at the forefront of medicine. Plastic surgery has been recorded as early as 800 B.C. The ‘Nimi Tantra’, an ancient scripture more than 5 millennia old, elaborates 76 diseases affecting the eye and describes 51 surgical procedures for the eye alone. Such is the wealth of knowledge stored in our ancient scriptures.

sushrutaWith a view to bring these methods to the forefront of modern medical science; we are dedicated to validating the ancient knowledge through scientific study and research using modern standards. We are eager to dissipate this knowledge through the world in a reproducible scientific form.

The past millennium has seen the loss of the scientific side of all of our traditional methods. At present, we hear about most of our traditional methods in the form of the modern mutations from beyond our cultural and political borders. For example, reiki, tai-chi, acupressure & acupuncture reflexology are all degenerative forms of complete scientific systems of medicine practiced during ancient times.

Our ideologies are not supported to open up towards external forces to make any change in our body. We respect the creation and the fulfilment of the human system and we believe that healthcare procedures are only an external support to provoke the damaged areas to revert to their natural fulfilment.

To know more about the science behind BioPlasmic Modulation Therapy – visit our Blog.

Academic interest

It is necessary to provide maximum practical oriented training and self-empowerment educational system to the physicians. It is helpful for them to implement their theoretical knowledge for their successful career.

As a subsidiary part we are interested to train them about the modern system and usages. (Reading of scanning reports, electronic graphs etc)

To provide basic Sanskrit education to understand the terms in Ayurveda.

Our present activities

  1. CME talks and lectures in medical colleges
  2. Refreshment training to Ayurvedic physicians
  3. Pain & stress care training for physicians and health care people
  4. General training programme and gurukula education system for self-empowerment studies.

Training programmes

  1. Refreshment courses for doctors.
  2. Therapist training
  3. Consultant training