BioPlasmic Modulation Therapy



Research and manufacture of herbal extractions


  • Pain relief oil
  • Potent action – only one drop necessary
  • 100% Natural – No preservatives added

Nidan is designed to work on vata blocks and clear transmission in nerves as well. It an efficient medicine for marma(point) application to resolve many vata related issues.


  • Oil for Muscular relaxation
  • Supportive for muscular development and toning
  • Naturally aromatic fragrance (no added perfumes)
  • Helpful for body flexibility, blood regulation, removal of lethargy, general sports medicine for muscular relaxation and much more.

Available in two varieties as per the body strategy : Musk(Kasthoori) & Holy Basil(Tulsi)


  • Gel for alleviating swelling
  • Supportive for musculo-skeletal trauma

A completely natural gel to cure the swelling and lots of minor damages in our body. Provides great relief for arthritic swelling and pain.


  • Care for old age
  • Arthritic care oil

Medicated oil for preventive arthritic care. It is effective to reduce a number of age related physical issues from normal life.


  • Specific Arthritic care oil
  • Therapeutic oil for arthritis

Sp.Mix is an effective combination for arthritic pain relief, and various arthritic issues. It helps to improve mobility and flexibility related with modulated vata structure.


  • Combination for general relaxation and neuro de-stress.
  • Base course of 14 days
  • Simple application of 30 minutes once or twice a day as recommended

Supportive for over-discharge and related women’s issues as well.


  • Exclusive application for Neuro-Strengthening

Neuro-psychiatric therapeutic application:

One of our major applications for Dementia, Parkinson’s and other chronic neurological treatments.


A  skin care semi-gel for fungal infection; it gives relief from itching and sunburn

Kasthuryadi Oil

A neuro-psychiatric application which helps to balance the activity of pitta in brain nerves. It is an effective neurological supportive application.



Subhastra is an exclusive skin care oil, with blood purification power. It works directly with skin tissues and raktadhatu.


A head application which is supportive for soothing the whole body system. It works with the pitta to reduce excess heat in the body.

A good supportive application for insomnia treatment and also accepted as an anti-dandruff formula.


A simple inhaler to strengthen the lungs, Vajasudhi promotes blood purification, blood flow, and cures many skin disorders & allergy issues born of blood impurity.

It is also helpful to change the common cold and related undesired feelings.


An oil designed for blood circulatory problems, and problems related with impure blood in veins. Helpful to alleviate problems like varicose veins.


A special preparation for dhatupushti, especially helpful for brain cells.

Our herbal manufacturing department has developed a number of highly effective herbal extractions for external use, without any chemical side effects