BioPlasmic Modulation Therapy


About BPM Therapy

BPM Therapy (Bio-Plasmic Modulation Therapy), is a healthcare method connected with ancient Indian philosophies and principles. This method is built in the platform of Tridosha sidhanta, Mahabhoota vinjana, Pancha kosa sidhanta, Manonmani vijnana vidya etc.
The approach of BPM Therapy is an integration of 4 Vedas and Panchakosa to support a complete healthy life. This integration of Vedas and Panchakosa approach interacts with all sub-sectors of supplementary support such as, Nada sidhanta (Samaveda based therapeutic approach of music), Natyayoga (classical analysis of movements and therapeutic support), States of mind and practical psychology, Marmasastra and stimulation therapy etc.

What we do

The modern Ayurveda denied or neglected many spiritually inclined philosophical terms and practices. Our major focus is to train the physicians in these neglected areas. Our past researches show good and faster results with this training.

Through the self-empowerment training, the physician mainly achieves,

  1. Nadee pareeksha (identify the nadees in its nature)
  2. Control over nadees and
  3. Knowledge about major marma points
  4. Identification power on each variants of (Vata – to pancha pranas)
  5. Power and effects of external applications of classical and non-classical herbal extractions.
  6. Methodologies for cognitive behavioural therapy with Ayurvedic fundamental principles.
  7. Manonmani vijnana vidya and the importance in ‘Swasthavrita’.
  8. Classical version of movement therapy (using Natyayoga)

Self-Empowerment practice includes

  1. Sound energy management studies (to get practical knowledge on Pancha mahabhootha sidhanta and its implementation)
  2. Movements and natyayoga combined studies for micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic energy transmissions. It is also useful for physiological and neurological support.
  3. Tridosha sidhanta and Maha bhoothavijnan studies to identify and control nadees and functions.
  4. Kriyayoga based methods for self-empowering and make control on neurotransmissions.
  5. Specific knowledge on Marma sastra to know more about the external application points and effects.

Our Aim in clinical side

More than 60% of people are unaware about the effects of Ayurveda.     Most of the people are using Ayurveda only for general health care areas. One other category keeps Ayurveda away because of its oil applications and methods.

Our Targets

Faster and better results with maximum reduction of internal medication are our major target. With our training a physician is capable to handle Dementia, Parkinson’s, Bipolar and such neurological and neuro-psychiatric disorders effectively.

In back bone rectification cases our training is suitable to avoid a major surgery and whole body oil application methods also.

BPM Therapy provides major supports in pain and stress care areas. It has been beneficial for a large number of people suffering with arthritic pains and life style related stress.





Please note that training and certification from VPSRC is compulsory for any courses/programmes/and therapies patented by an ‘An Illuminator’